New Service: partnership with Linkedin

Here is a great service we offer exclusively to our ACSIP memberships: we’ve partnered with LinkedIn LinkedIn to enable every member to search for other members’ profiles and contact them without exposing their personal emails and phone numbers ( and you can decide whether other members can directly contact you). This service gives all members equal access to our group resources without scarifying members’ privacy (comparing to practices such as publishing our member contact list). In addition, internal job openings or business opportunities contributed by group members and from ACSIP partners can be sent to people with matching skill sets (if they indicate such interests)�� again, this is a service exclusive to our members, and thus it’s impossible for 3rd party unsolicited parties to contact you through this service.

Different from the traditional linked-in services that you might have heard of or have already been using, this Linked-in group service restricts the direct connection exclusively to our group members. As a summary, this service enables our members to :

  • Search and contact each other directly
  • View other members’ profiles (information can be detailed to include professional history and endorsements)
  • Present yourself in a personal manner and expose yourself to a wide but relevant audience
  • Leverage members’ personal connections beyond ACSIP through personal referrals (for example, I personally have 39 direct connections and 14,000+ 2nd level connections in IT, Telecom, ERP, Consulting, Venture Capital and many other different fields that you can leverage if we are connected)

To join the group, simply click on this url: If you are already a Linked-in member, you will be accepted automatically upon login (if you encounter a problem, most likely you are using a different email address in Linked-in, so please let us know and we will update it). If you do not have a Linkedin account yet, please register one and fill in your profile��that’s how people can find you for jobs, business opportunities, technical discussions or personal communications.

Last but not least, if you invite your trusted friends to join the group (simply by sending the above link), they will enjoy the same benefits upon our approval.