July Outsourcing & Career Event

On July 6th, 2008,  A group of ACSIPers, veterans and new friends, gathered together again at Bayview Community Centre, Richmond Hill to resume our routine information exchange session schedule after the ACSIP Sichuan Earthquake donation event  held in early June.


After ACSIP directors shared their views, analysis and information on the industry trends on global IT outsourcing, participants of the meet-up had a particular interesting (and heated!) discussion on the proposed outline of the to-be-published “North American IT Outsourcing Industry Analysis and Business Processes”. Many valuable suggestions were given and lots of data, experiences and information are shared across the board. (Please visit the Sina blog created specifically for this subject: http://blog.sina.com.cn/outsource , your comments are very welcome!)


Another interesting topic of the meet-up is about the challenges IT professionals are facing in the career advancement in US/Canada.  ACSIPers had an in-depth discussion on the article “20 ways to promote you in North American IT career” written by one of the ACSIP directors. While most of the members recognized the necessity to enhance themselves on communication with co-workers and senior managements in order to advance careers to the next level, some members do hold a different (and interesting!) view that one should not be too hard on forcing him/herself out of the warm and fuzzy “shell”, a key factor of one’s self-fulfillment and happiness, at home or at work.


We are encouraged by our member willingness to participate and share their views and information in this meet-up. While being fully aware of the potency and fun provided by Facebook, ACSIP also firmly believes there are no substitutes to honest and pleasant Face-to-face interactions. Hope to see you all next time.