ZTE, China’s Second Largest Telecommunications Equipment Maker, start to sponsor ACSIP.

ZTE Canada Inc. announced today that it joined sponsorship in support of the first event organized by ACSIP. Mr. Lu, one of the founders of ACSIP, welcomed ZTE’s sponsorship as sponsorships from prestigious Chinese companies fulfills one of ACSIP’s missions: to build a senior IT consultant network on which information between China and North America can be exchanged freely. As Mr. Yabin Xing, CEO of ZTE Canada put it,”For Chinese IT businesses that want to operate globally, gaining access to a trusted network of senior Chinese IT professionals oversea could bring important strategic advantages”.

ZTE is a prominent Chinese telecommunication equipment vendor and wireless solutions provider, with shares publicly traded on both Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. ZTE recorded the contract sales of approximately USD 4.1 billion (RMB 34 billion) in 2004. For company’s detail, please visit www.ztecanada.com.


ACSIP’s first business trip to China

During his  trip from May 1 to May 10 2006, Mr. Wei Liu met many senior IT professionals from companies including Microsoft China, IBM China, Atos Origin (the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games), Sinochem, etc. and exchanged ideas about IT market in China, worldwide IT development trends and future of Chinese IT Sea Turtle (Haigui). He also visited a startup company To-dream Inc. and talked with its CEO about ACSIP’s future expansion into China.