About Us

Since late 1980s, Chinese from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have come to Canada at an increasing pace. Among them, a large percentage are well educated and experienced IT professionals. Through the past 20 years, they have attained technical and business excellencies in Canada. Moreover, some of them have become leaders ordecision makers of IT solution in a wide spectrum of industries.

ACSIP (Association of Chinese Senior IT Professionals) was founded inToronto in 2006 by a group of pioneering Chinese IT entrepreneurs and professionals. They hoped to encourage individual career and business development by building a community that facilitates information exchange among those senior IT professionals.


The mission of ACSIP is to encourage and assist in Chinese IT professionals to advance in technical knowledge, personal career and business building through a trusted network among seasoned Chinese ITprofessionals. It is a dedicated forum that facilitates information exchange in IT or related fields in North America and Greater China.The ACSIP is committed to promoting leadership and entrepreneurship through our events and member services.