New Service: partnership with Linkedin

Here is a great service we offer exclusively to our ACSIP memberships: we’ve partnered with LinkedIn LinkedIn to enable every member to search for other members’ profiles and contact them without exposing their personal emails and phone numbers ( and you can decide whether other members can directly contact you). This service gives all members equal access to our group resources without scarifying members’ privacy (comparing to practices such as publishing our member contact list). In addition, internal job openings or business opportunities contributed by group members and from ACSIP partners can be sent to people with matching skill sets (if they indicate such interests)�� again, this is a service exclusive to our members, and thus it’s impossible for 3rd party unsolicited parties to contact you through this service.

Different from the traditional linked-in services that you might have heard of or have already been using, this Linked-in group service restricts the direct connection exclusively to our group members. As a summary, this service enables our members to :

  • Search and contact each other directly
  • View other members’ profiles (information can be detailed to include professional history and endorsements)
  • Present yourself in a personal manner and expose yourself to a wide but relevant audience
  • Leverage members’ personal connections beyond ACSIP through personal referrals (for example, I personally have 39 direct connections and 14,000+ 2nd level connections in IT, Telecom, ERP, Consulting, Venture Capital and many other different fields that you can leverage if we are connected)

To join the group, simply click on this url: If you are already a Linked-in member, you will be accepted automatically upon login (if you encounter a problem, most likely you are using a different email address in Linked-in, so please let us know and we will update it). If you do not have a Linkedin account yet, please register one and fill in your profile��that’s how people can find you for jobs, business opportunities, technical discussions or personal communications.

Last but not least, if you invite your trusted friends to join the group (simply by sending the above link), they will enjoy the same benefits upon our approval.


ZTE, China’s Second Largest Telecommunications Equipment Maker, start to sponsor ACSIP.

ZTE Canada Inc. announced today that it joined sponsorship in support of the first event organized by ACSIP. Mr. Lu, one of the founders of ACSIP, welcomed ZTE’s sponsorship as sponsorships from prestigious Chinese companies fulfills one of ACSIP’s missions: to build a senior IT consultant network on which information between China and North America can be exchanged freely. As Mr. Yabin Xing, CEO of ZTE Canada put it,”For Chinese IT businesses that want to operate globally, gaining access to a trusted network of senior Chinese IT professionals oversea could bring important strategic advantages”.

ZTE is a prominent Chinese telecommunication equipment vendor and wireless solutions provider, with shares publicly traded on both Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. ZTE recorded the contract sales of approximately USD 4.1 billion (RMB 34 billion) in 2004. For company’s detail, please visit


ACSIP’s first business trip to China

During his  trip from May 1 to May 10 2006, Mr. Wei Liu met many senior IT professionals from companies including Microsoft China, IBM China, Atos Origin (the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games), Sinochem, etc. and exchanged ideas about IT market in China, worldwide IT development trends and future of Chinese IT Sea Turtle (Haigui). He also visited a startup company To-dream Inc. and talked with its CEO about ACSIP’s future expansion into China.


Kent, senior consultant from SAP, has joined steering committee.

Mr. Kent Yu is a senior J2EE Consultant with over 10 years of full life cycle software implementation and customer consulting experience. He has a wide range of technical expertise with specialization on J2EE architecture and design. He also has considerable experiences in leading large scale software development projects. Mr. Yu is a strong advocator of agile practices and he is a  Certified Srum Master (CSM).

Mr. Yu is currently working for SAP Canada. Prior to SAP, he was a senior consultant in American Express, CGI, Sun Microsystems and Unisys.

Mr. Yu holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from China and a MBA degree from Schulich Business School in Canada.


Zemin, CEO of Cheniwa Consulting Ltd, joined steering committee

Toronto, Canada, April 9th 2006 – ACSIP, Association of Chinese Senior IT Professional today welcomes Zemin Wang joining the association as a member of association board of directors. “I am pleased to have Mr. Wang join us at this time. His knowledge, experience, and capability in IT industry and business bring the values for ACSIP to grow.” said Fred Lu, founder of ACSIP.

Zemin has over 18 years of software engineering experience in North America and specialized in the object -oriented technology. His architectural philosophy incorporates modern software engineering best practices with various well know development methodologies and processes. He is the owner and founder of Cheniwa Consulting Ltd., an IT consulting company specialized in enterprise application project development and system integration with tracking of records in the industry and recognized vendor in many enterprises in both Canada and U.S. including Government Ontario.


Wei, senior database expert from Rogers, has joined steering committee.

Although I studied Computer in Tsinghua University for 5 years, I had never used Oracle until 1996. Since then, I have been using Oracle (7, 8 and 9) among different companies in different countries including Singapore, US and Canada. I have attended lots of Oracle trainings (spent quite a lot of money from companies) and became an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA) in 1999. I am currently working in Rogers. I really enjoy reading 2 Oracle gurus books and blogs (Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis). My favorite Oracle websites are:,, and In early 2006, I got my MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University. Therefore, I became a MDBA or DMBA (MBA + DBA) or whatever you call it.